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Providing project management & technical consulting for building innovation ecosystem.


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We think that our solutions offer the best life opportunities for current and future generations because we never lose sight of the people who will ultimately benefit from what we accomplish. We increase capacity and resilience in healthcare, education, water, and sanitation, as well as offering world-class expertise in transportation, infrastructure, and renewable energy, while promoting human rights and gender equality, and encouraging social and economic progress.

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Innovation Policy and Ecosystem Development

At SkyQuest, we put business interests first.Which is why developing an effective innovative ecosystem is paramount to our mission. Our innovation ecosystem keeps an unwavered focus on technology to push boundaries of development and technology breakthroughs.
This can be done for the ecosystem in general or on a specific subject such as the role of research or external connections. It can even determine future innovation eco-systems with respect to stakeholder management or financial resources.
But that’s not all, we can even coach certain actors to grow towards a Research and Technology Organisation. All this while corresponding a commercially viable business model or being a mentor role during the realisation of an innovation ecosystem.

Technology and Innovation led international development

Society and economic progress isn’t possible without a healthy public and social sector. Wouldn’t you agree? We do too. That’s why we work with social sectors and governments to uplift society and make lives better, everywhere. We are proud of our work which spans multiple sectors and functions, including digital and analytics, operations, organization, and strategy. From diagnosis to delivery, we leave no stone unturned to bring positive change that enriches the lives of millions. SkyQuest believes in leveraging AI/ML algorithms to meet your business needs by
We combine expert insights from our research centres and apply them to real time problems. Each tailored to our clients needs, each solving a unique purpose.
From Agriculture and Food Security to Rural Development, and Education, commitment to society is absolute. Today, our initiatives have not just enriched lives, but we’ve also touched souls.

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