Data Analytics Services

Our analytics services will enable you to acquire key insights via predictive analytics, text and image analytics and data visualization tools.


About The Service

When you add science to data, great businesses are born. At SkyQuest, that's what our data analytics services offer. We analyze raw data and convert it to valuable information that can help level up your business.
Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer your business.
Data Governance & Management
We help businesses compile data that we use to plot a governance strategy. We ensure that the business proactively manages all data in a standard format that can be accessed when needed. We work shoulder to shoulder with businesses to reach your objectives, analyze compliance levels and minimize risks caused by poor data quality.
Our data governance services include 1) Enterprise data governance, 2) Workflow Management, 3) Master Data Management, 4) Data Quality Management, 5) Data Privacy & Protection.


Sales Analytics

Today we have more access to data information and data than ever before. The digital era has opened the doors to endless opportunities across businesses. Sales analytics is all about managing, gauging, and interpreting this data to draw meaningful, actionable insights.
SkyQuest arms you with the tools you need to transform decision-making and increase the input of your sales. We look forward to meeting all your sales targets and crossing expectations from advanced sales analytics solutions such as sales force optimization and sales forecasting to trade spend optimization.

Marketing Analytics

In todays competitive markets, maintaining brand loyalty and increasing profitability can be challenging. So how can we achieve that? SkyQuest helps businesses search for patterns, trends, and insights through data by leveraging market analytics. That gives them a better understanding of marketing activities and helps plot a better strategy that enhances marketing performance and ROI.
We tailor our marketing analytics solutions to your specific needs and criteria, regardless of the industry. Marketing Mix Modeling, Campaign and Promotion Analytics, and Attribution Modeling are some of the services we provide.
A comprehensive portfolio offers a holistic view of marketing spends by integrating data from different marketing channels and enables businesses to optimize campaign planning. This increases conversions, drives brand loyalty and boosts returns.

marketing analytics
predective analytics

Predictive Analytics

We inspire business with a highly evolved digital approach that shapes the course of our clients towards business. Proactive analytics gives you the luxury to think forward, predict outcomes, and study behaviors. Our services don’t work based on predictions but on factual data itself.

TEXT Analytics

Sometimes, its not only important to read between the lines, but also the lines themselves. With our data science solutions, you can get an insight into your consumers mind. Our text analytics services help you compile emails, online reviews, tweets, survey results, and other types of written feedback.
You may use this data to modify the business model in response to customer feedback. Both positive and negative. Our various text analytics services include - Sentiment analysis, document classification, entity extraction, themes discovery, and text classification.

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Services

Rapid action calls for quick decision-making. In today’s digitally savvy world, businesses need to establish a competitive edge and drive up revenues. SkyQuests data visualization services help audiences recognize patterns than written information which saves valuable time and prompts quick action. Our offerings include

1- Dashboard Development: To assist and develop decision-making by encapsulating large volumes of data in intuitive graphical storyboards.

2- Data Visualization: These create visualizations that collate and display large amounts of information in simple and accessible formats

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