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Our insights services provides you with most granular data on your industry, customers and competition to stay ahead of the curve.


About The Service

We design innovative solutions for superior business outcomes and help you to take smart decisions and execute effective data-driven strategies. We assist enterprises in gaining insights from their operational, business, and external data, allowing them to be more agile and responsive to the market. Customer analytics, AML and fraud risk analytics, sales and marketing analytics, regulatory and compliance analytics, supply chain analytics, social media analytics, and web analytics are all covered. Across the board, we offer end-to-end services. We provide end-to-end analytics value chain services, including data management, reporting, descriptive analytics, predictive modelling, and optimization.

Market intelligence

Market Intelligence

Evolve with the ever-changing market landscape and make the most of the opportunities the market presents.
When businesses seek in-depth assessments of their internal and external environment, SkyQuest is whom they entrust. Our market intelligence suite equips businesses with the unique data and tools to facilitate in-depth research to help them design tactics and prepare to make data-driven decisions that benefit their business model.
Our services don’t just equip you with key trends, developments, and market forecasts but also feed you with information regarding demand, supply, and business drivers and new opportunities. These key insights help gauge consumer behavior that drives product purchase and product development.
So if intelligence services are what you seek, SkyQuest is your chosen partner by fortune 1000 companies in 10 plus industries.

Competitive Intelligence

Generate smart insights and make informed decisions for your business.
Get to know your customers better, read the markets and analyze competition so you can navigate changes and adapt your business models accordingly. Competitive intelligence will help you make faster decisions backed by real-time company profiling, competitive benchmarking, and price analysis. We track multiple data points to help you understand the competition.

competitive intelligence
supplier intelligence

Supplier Intelligence

Putting better negotiation, supplier rationalization and digital transformation, at the focus of procurement intelligence through mind+machine.

All business departments require accurate and relevant data to optimize performance. Procurement is no different. For procurement professionals to make intelligent decisions, they need relevant data. However, the collection of data isn’t always accessible thanks to evolving external influences. These could include economic conditions, geopolitical factors, and public health emergencies like global pandemics, similar to the one we find ourselves in today.

That’s where we step in and help procurement teams monitor—trends in annual financials, daily credit rating analysis, and share price indicators. As a result, SkyQuest allows teams to read risks closer and prepare to take them on better.

IP and R&D Intelligence Services

Maximize the value of your intellectual property and empower your business with SkyQuest. Our IP and R&D Intelligence services include - Patent landscaping, Chemical safety intelligence, and Freedom-to-operate search. They deliver meaningful insights to research and enable clutter-breaking technology while protecting you against copyright infringement.
Backed by a team of experts in IP and R&D search, our solutions deliver meaningful insights that enable you to push the boundaries of innovation and possibilities the world over.

IP Intelligence

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