Innovation Services

Assisting companies to stay ahead of the competition and grow your bottom lines by accessing new technologies & new markets.


About The Service

We help you build up innovation capabilities. How do we do that? We expand your global network and connect you to a deep ecosystem of innovators, startups, and strategic partners, for starters. It enables us to find radical solutions to problems to help unearth the following gem in innovation. We even leverage our worldwide presence and connect you to new partners, startups, academia, and SMEs to help expand your business horizons globally.
Keeping a close eye on the future, we prepare businesses for the long road ahead by identifying disruptive players and technologies—all to keep you one step ahead of the game, always. Because for us at SkyQuest, innovation isn’t just an idea. It’s a virtue.

technology scouting

Technology Scouting


Businesses may want to deliver creative solutions to keep ahead of the competition at times. That’s the gap we fill in with our technology scouting. Technology Scouting not only anticipates technological changes and new markets, but also minimizes innovation risks and reduces the pressure on the R&D department.

We make sure to maintain balance in communication between your company and the outside world so both sides are in sync. With more than 700 technology scouting projects and 75+ Grand Challenges Projects executed with some of the clients including Unilever, RB, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our solutions give businesses insights and capabilities to write the next chapter in their growth story.

Grand challenges

We are always on the lookout for breakthrough technology, opportunities, and solutions. We collaborate with the global technology community to develop prototypes that may assist you in discovering the next significant chapter in technology and industry. Through grand challenges we position your brand as global innovator.


Market Access

Your global company is just a click away. The world has gotten smaller, it is so small that it could almost fit in your pocket.

Digital connectivity, improved transportation, and infrastructure have increased the number of opportunities for business activation around the world.

Now is the time to start your global company. Whether for industry, trade, ICT, or digital mobility and information transfer, our Market Access Services specialists have extensive technical knowledge in all areas of technology and enterprise, assisting with stable, international access to target markets.

As part of our services, we provide you with reliable full-market access from industrialized countries to emerging markets and developing regions. From plant, product, or system development, through support to market maturity, to the actual market launch. Without language barriers. Fast. Simple. Safe. Take advantage of our international reputation and almost 2 decades of global, independent testing, inspection, and certification organization. Activate your access to new markets now - with SkyQuest’s Market Access Service

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