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Acupuncture Needles Market size was valued at USD 228.26 million in 2019 and is poised to grow from USD 240 million in 2023 to USD 363.36 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% in the forecast period (2024-2031).

Since there are so many manufacturers, the market is very fragmented. They are constantly working to make acupuncture treatments more widely available for purchase. As a result, they have begun initiating efforts to raise awareness of the advantages of this treatment. The millennial generation's increased awareness has created a variety of opportunities for new players looking to break into the expanding industry. 'AcuMedic (UK)', 'Seirin Corporation', 'Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory', 'Empecs Medical Co., Ltd.', 'Dongbang Acupuncture Inc.', 'Wuxi Jiajian Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.', 'Asia Med Needle Co., Ltd.', 'Wujiang Jiachen Acupuncture Products Co., Ltd.', 'Shinylink (Shanghai) Industrial Inc.', 'AtoZ Medical Co., Ltd.', 'Cloud & Dragon Medical Devices Co., Ltd.', 'Suzhou Hualun Medical Appliance Co., Ltd.', 'Beijing VCA Laser Technology Co., Ltd.', 'DongBang AcuPrime Inc.', 'AcuStar Therapy System Inc.', 'Acupuncture Supplies Ltd.', 'Shenzhou Medical Supplies Corporation', 'Helio Medical Supply Co., Ltd.', 'Shandong Zhongtian Medical Technology Co., Ltd.', 'Wujiang City Cloud & Dragon Medical Devices Co., Ltd.'

Increased prevalence of chronic diseases leads to more procedures being done. The majority of surgical wounds are fairly large, deep, and uncomfortable. Acupuncture helps individuals in these situations feel better physically and mentally. Additionally, it aids in overcoming post-surgical trauma, which boosts demand for this therapy internationally. Therefore, it is projected that an increase in surgeries would lead to an increase in demand for acupuncture procedures, which will drive the worldwide acupuncture needles market.

Patients are increasingly favouring conventional therapeutic methods. The lack of serious side effects from acupuncture therapy increases its popularity. The requirement for acupuncture needles among practitioners rises as a result. Acupuncture needles are frequently referred to as "painless needles" because to their small size. Despite being so small, acupuncture needles have blunt tips.

Due to the region's expanding healthcare infrastructure, Asia Pacific is anticipated to see the quickest rate of acupuncture needle market growth throughout the forecast period. In China and Japan, acupuncture is widely recognised as a genuine and efficient medical procedure. Additionally, the expanding medical tourism sector is anticipated to significantly fuel market expansion. The expansion of the acupuncture needles market in Asia Pacific is projected to be fueled by an increase in the number of acupuncture therapy facilities.

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Global Acupuncture Needles Market

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