Here’s How The Global Household Cleaning Products Market Is Evolving. The Top 4 Trends Lead That Charge!

by Rajat

14/07/2022 5 min read

Household Cleaning Products Market

Meeting the new need for safety and hygiene created by the Pandemic, consumers in countries like India and Nigeria have increased their budgets for cleaning products. Due to this, the household cleaning products market in India and Nigeria reached compound growth rates of 14% and 10% per annum, respectively. Moreover, markets like Europe and America, which once boasted a high-potential market are saturating with compound growth rates of less than 5%. However, it’s still notable that household cleaning products markets in US and UK continue to show the highest per capita spending, making them significant. 

This change has turned the interest of Industry players towards these key growth markets which show a need for more products. Moreover, to facilitate sales in the markets that already have a high spending capacity, products are targeted toward evolving sentiments.  

The top sentiment that is capturing the voice of these aware consumers is the need for taking eco-actions and green initiatives. Global warming is a threat that lingers over us all, and the new-age consumers want to reduce their carbon footprints. Hence, they have started demanding sustainable products in all areas of their lives including cleaning products.

Global Household Cleaning Products Market Overview


An overview of the per capita spending and compound growth rate in the US and UK household cleaning products market.

EMEA Household Cleaning Products Market Overview

Americas Household Cleaning Products Market Overview

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The global household cleaning products market is witnessing a revolution. In response to consumer demands, brands are shifting their R&D focus to create natural and bio-degradable products. Such products meet consumer needs for saving the planet and having safe, side-effect-free products for their daily cleaning needs, especially for families with babies and young children. Brands are launching cleaner products across categories like:

  • Detergents
  • Degreasers
  • Abrasives
  • Acids

Europe Household Cleaning Products Launches

 Sustainability- The change and top brands in the green household cleaning products market

 There are two main areas of the global household cleaning products market where we can observe the change brought by cleaner and greener innovation efforts:


1.      Product material

The market analysis highlights these top Trends:

  • Recycled raw materials
  • Reusable & refillable
  • Biodegradable  
  • Carbon neutral  

5 innovations and brands on the watch:

  • Cleancult Orange Zest All Purpose Cleaner Refill is one of the many all-purpose cleaner refills available in the green household cleaning products market. It also comes in paper-based carton packs and features the patented CocoClean technology formula that combines coconut oil, essential oils and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Casabella introduced a range of ‘Kind’ products that combine natural and bio-degradable raw materials like FSC-certified beechwood for handles and recycled plastic for bristles. Considering convenience, the brush heads are replicable, interchangeable and easy to remove.
  • A 100% recycles PET spray bottle by Everdrop Universal is also getting attention. The brand also offers a number of refill tabs for its set of products.
  • In an attempt to remove plastic bottles from the picture, the innovative brand OneTab offers cleaning tablets for various products that need to be mixed with 750ml of hot water.
  • Purefyl is taking the lead in sustainable innovations in the Indonesian home care market. The brand claims that the tabs use 70% less plastic and energy and come in 100% bio-degradable packaging.

2.      Ingredients

Latin America Household Cleaning Products Launches

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Top Trends as per market insights:

  • Biodegradable
  • Plant-based
  • Chemical free
  • Organic

5 innovations and brands on the watch:

  • Will & Able is the first brand in New Zealand’s household cleaning products market to be certified eco-friendly. Products are sold in packs made of 100% recycled milk bottles.
  • Rossman introduced a new range of cleaners that feature a formula with 99.8% natural ingredients and no microplastics. Products are also carbon neutral.
  • Another innovative brand, Divana Urban Forrest Home introduced a sweet bloom scented multi-surface cleaner with 97% natural ingredients.
  • Orchard Organics features a new Bergamot and rose Geranium all-purpose cleaner that is organic, made with biodegradable ingredients and contains certified organic essential oils.
  • Conscious Frankincense sandalwood, Myrrh and Patchouli Surface Spray is handcrafted in Te Hanna, New Zealand. It contains only ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients and also features a blend of prominent essential oils.

While the sustainability trend is prominent in US and UK, other target markets for household cleaning products like Asia and South Africa show three more trends driving sales apart from green innovation. 

Here are other top customer trends driving sales in the household cleaning products market in India and other developing markets:

  1. Removes 99.9% germs- Antibacterial claims pertaining to safety needs

Consumers seek products that remove germs and keep their families safe. The products should also be safe for use, especially around children. This means no more skin-damaging harmful chemicals-a factor that drives the need for natural products. Hence, innovative companies that offer safer products with strong antibacterial claims drive better sales. 

North America Household Cleaning Products Launches

3.      So easy to use- Convenient cleaning products lead the way

People are preoccupied with their daily lives to the extent that they prefer to buy products that help save time and effort over regular products. It includes convenient to open packaging, easy usage, spill-proof and leak-proof packaging and quality products that don’t break or cause damage to the surface being cleaned. Convenience adds value for the user and prompts a quick buy.

Asia Household Cleaning Products Launches

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4. Refreshing fragrance- Consumers pick delightful product experiences

Auditory senses play a big part in which cleaning products go off the self. Brands that offer delightful fragrances like lemon and orange or fruity essence, instead of pungent smells are preferable. Such fragrances give a clean and refreshing feel after using the product that appeals to consumers’ senses.

Asia Household Cleaning Products Launches


The household cleaning products market size in developing increased drastically after 2020. Since then, cleaning products have been categorised as essential that keep one’s family safe and healthy. Even corporates and individual houses have shown increased purchase of cleaning products. The market report suggests sustainability and safety will remain prominent trends in developing countries in the future as well. While, in developed countries, sentiments like environment-friendliness and natural ingredients will drive sales. Hence, depending on the products you sell and your target markets your R&D will vary. To get deeper insights into your consumer and competitors, head to SkyQuest and grab the global household cleaning products market report! (Hyperlink the report page)

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