Indian Kadaknath Market Size, Share, Growth Analysis, By Type(Jet Black, Others), By Application(Household, Commercial) - Industry Forecast 2024-2031

Report ID: SQSIC30I2389 | Region: Country | Published Date: April, 2024
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Indian Kadaknath Market was valued at USD 29.2 million in 2019, and USD 33.6 in 2019 and it is expected to reach a value of USD 103.6 million by 2031, at a CAGR of 15.1% over the forecast period (2024-2031).

Kadaknath chicken is in high demand, and the breed was recently approved for sale throughout India. As a result, the market is now highly concentrated and is expected to give many development opportunities during the projection period. This breed's medicinal value is particularly valuable in homoeopathy and is beneficial in the treatment of certain medical conditions. Tribal groups mostly raise the Kadaknath chicken breed in Bhil and Bhilala. 'KADCO (Kadaknath Development and Marketing Corporation)', 'KADF (Kadaknath Association and Development Federation)', 'Sanchi Poultry Farm', 'Nagori Farm', 'Nimran Kadaknath Farm', 'Yadav Poultry Farm', 'Jeev Poultry Farm', 'Raja Farms', 'Aatish Kadaknath Farm', 'Kadaknath Poultry Farm', 'Ujjawal Kadaknath Farm', 'Shree Ganesh Kadaknath Farm', 'Asha Kadaknath Farm', 'Shri Manglam Kadaknath Farm', 'Rana Poultry Farm', 'Mahakal Kadaknath Farm', 'Saurabh Kadaknath Farm', 'Shri Krishna Kadaknath Farm', 'Prakash Kadaknath Farm', 'Raj Poultry Farm'

People suffering from chronic ailments and disorders such as anaemia take Kadaknath meat and blood. Those with high blood pressure can consume it since it has reduced cholesterol. The melanin pigment in Kadaknath blood and meat is reported to be good for patients with vitiligo, a condition in which the skin discolours unevenly in spots owing to a melanin shortage. In addition to having aphrodisiacal characteristics, Kadaknath flesh is thought to help regulate the menstrual cycle. Kadaknath eggs can aid with severe headaches, fainting episodes, asthma, and nephritis. Its meat and eggs are also thought to be beneficial to TB sufferers. According to research done by Mysore's Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Kadaknath meat is beneficial to cardiac patients because it increases the supply of blood to the heart.

Consumers are prepared to spend more money on good quality meat plus, Kadaknath chicken is also available on growing online meat delivery platforms such as licious, big basket, etc.

Indian Market is quickly emerging as a lucrative market for Kadaknath and the world's leading market. India is projected to witness the fastest growth owing to increasing per capita spending coupled with a growing demand for meat containing high nutrition. The commercialization of Kadaknath chicken raising, particularly in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. The flesh of Kadaknath chicken is black, while the eggs are brown. The new Kadaknath manufacturing process has lowered mortality from more than 50% to less than 5%. You may now expect 10 to 12% mortality, which has increased the survival rate and total earnings in Kadaknath chicken farming.

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Indian Kadaknath Market

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