Global Ethyl Acetate Market

Global Ethyl Acetate Market Size, Share, Growth Analysis, By Application(Paints & Coatings, Printing Ink) - Industry Forecast 2023-2030

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Global Ethyl Acetate Market size was valued at USD 2.66 billion in 2021 and is poised to grow from USD 2.9 billion in 2022 to USD 6.3 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9% in the forecast period (2023-2030).

The Global Ethyl Acetate market is relatively fragmented, with a high level of competition. Companies are working on new product launches and other initiatives to provide better equipment to their customers and expand their companies globally. These industry leaders are expanding their client base in a variety of ways, and many organizations are forming strategic and creative partnerships with other start-up businesses in order to increase ethyl acetate market share and profitability. 'Eastman Chemical', 'INEOS Group Holdings SA', 'Solventis Limited', 'Sasol Ltd.', 'Celanese', 'Showa Denko K.K.', 'Jubilant Life Sciences Limited', 'Wacker Chemie AG', 'Ashok Alco-Chem Ltd.', 'LCY Chemical Corp.', 'Sipchem', 'Jiangsu Sopo (Group) Co., Ltd.', 'Shanghai Wujing Chemical Co., Ltd.', 'Daicel Corporation', 'Rhodia Acetow GmbH', 'Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.', 'Saudi International Petrochemical Co.', 'Carbohim d.o.o.', 'Avantium N.V.', 'Tokuyama Corporation'

The main user of ethyl acetate is the paints and coatings sector. For many industrial lacquers and enamels, it is the perfect solvent. The formulation of coatings such as urethanes (99.5% grade), epoxies, acrylics, vinyl, and others frequently uses it. Additionally, a variety of other sectors, including construction, agriculture, wood furniture, maintenance, marine, automotive (for refinishing), and others employ these coatings in a broad range of applications. Additionally, it is utilized in photographic films. Additionally, it is substantially less expensive than other competing solvents used in comparable applications. Its vast range of uses and applications set it apart from other solvents on the ethyl acetate market and contribute to its popularity. Therefore, end-user applications and a high need for coatings are what drive demand.

In the food industry, ethyl acetate is frequently used as a solvent and as an artificial flavour enhancer in ice cream, cakes, and confectionery items. As demand for decaffeinated beverages is rising at healthy rates, ethyl acetate solvent is being used more often to decaffeinate tea and coffee. In emerging nations all around the world, the food business is expanding quickly due to increased disposable income and technological innovation. As the price of the product drops dramatically, there is an increasing demand for processed foods flavoured with artificial flavours. This has an influence on the consumption of these items in emerging nations where the cost issue is more prominent.

In 2021, the Asia Pacific ethyl acetate market had a value of USD 2,312.3 million, thanks to nations like China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and others. For this market, China is the world's leading manufacturer and exporter. The most typical method of manufacture involves the esterification of ethanol with acetic acid in the presence of a catalyst. The main source of ethanol in India, which aids in the country's large-scale production of ethyl acetate, is sugarcane molasses. India sells a lot of goods to Europe. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other South Asian nations are also seeing strong development. The main growth-promoting industries in these nations are adhesives, printing inks, and coating solvents. The second-largest ethyl acetate market share belongs to Europe.

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Global Ethyl Acetate Market

Product ID: SQSG15A2022