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Global Cookies Market size was valued at USD 25.34 billion in 2021 and is poised to grow from USD 27.56 billion in 2022 to USD 45.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.43% in the forecast period (2023-2030).

To keep up with regional competition, major cookie producers are depending on flavor, format, and packaging innovation. Market leaders like Mondelez International, Inc. have kept up their investments in product developments and brand development to maintain customer loyalty. The market in each region is defined by the existence of several local players and a very small number of large firms. Key firms are attempting to outdo rivals by launching and expanding new products, innovating existing products, and expanding their markets. 'Mondelez International', 'Kellogg Co ', 'Nestle SA', 'PepsiCo Inc.', 'Campbell Soup Company', 'Parle Products Pvt. Ltd.', 'Britannia Industries Limited', 'ITC Limited', 'Lotus Bakeries NVThe Hershey CompanyMARS Inc.United Biscuits (UK) LimitedBurton's Biscuit CompanyArnott's Biscuits Holdings Pty LimitedGriesson - de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KGBahlsen GmbH & Co. KGDali Food Group Co. Ltd.Haas Food Equipment GmbHDanone S.A.McKee Foods Corporation'

Growing number of tea and coffee establishments all across the globe: A major factor in the expansion of the cookie market is the rise in the number of tea and coffee shops, which increases consumer demand for cookies. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that the global tea sector has experienced tremendous expansion due to an increase in consumers worldwide. Along with this, the world population's rising standard of living also contributes to the expansion of the worldwide cookies market.

Increasing popularity and demand for healthy cookies: Due to the rise in chronic diseases, consumers worldwide are becoming more health conscious and gravitating toward gluten-free cookies. One of the main trends expected to propel the growth of the cookies market is the focus on the introduction of healthier oatmeal raisin cookies and snickerdoodles with natural flavors. In comparison to chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies are healthier. This is especially important for health-conscious customers who place a high value on products that fit their active lifestyle.

Based on the region, the European region currently dominates the global cookies market with respect to market share and it is predicted to have the highest share over the forecast period, due to the volume of confectionary items produced and exported to other nations. Approximately 2 million tonnes of the region's annual confectionery production are exported outside the European Union, according to Chocolate Biscuit and Confectionery of Europe (CAOBISCO). The demand for gluten-free cookies is also rising as concerns regarding lactose intolerance and other glutamic problems grow in developed European nations. Another significant driver of the region's increasing demand for cookies is the rise in per capita income, which has led to the increase in the purchasing capacity of consumers in that region. The market for cookies in the area is expected to develop as a result of all these factors.

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Global Cookies Market

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