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Coffee Roaster Market size was valued at USD 1.30 billion in 2022 and is poised to grow from USD 1.38 billion in 2023 to USD 2.25 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 6.30% during the forecast period (2024-2031).

Major businesses are taking various actions to strengthen their position in the market. These actions include tactics like joint ventures, acquisitions, the creation and introduction of new products, international growth, and others. 'Diedrich Coffee, Inc.', 'Probat Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH', 'Giesen Coffee Roasters B.V.', 'Toper Roasters', 'Loring Smart Roast, Inc.', 'Bühler AG', 'Coffee-Tech Engineering Ltd.', 'Joper Roasters', 'San Franciscan Roaster Co., Inc.', 'Hottop USA, Inc.', 'Petroncini Impianti S.p.A.', 'Ikawa Ltd.', 'Bühler Coffee Processing GmbH', 'Ambex Coffee Roasters & Grinders', 'Artisan Roaster Machinery', 'Coffee Roasters Australia Pty Ltd', 'Genio Roasters', 'US Roaster Corp.', 'Bellwether Coffee', 'Stronghold Technology, LLC', 'In January 2023, an all-electric roaster called P12e was introduced by PROBAT, a company that develops technologies for processing coffee.', 'In October 2022, PROBAT began using a new production facility at its headquarters.', 'In August 2022, Up Coffee Roasters, a Minneapolis-based company, was acquired by FairWave. FairWave is a collection of specialty coffee companies headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. They collaborate to promote high-quality coffee in regional communities.', 'In July 2022, A brand-new website designed only for wholesale customers was introduced by specialty coffee roaster Iron & Fire. Iron & Fire has grown greatly since its reopening, providing coffee shops, bar chains, restaurants, garden centres, motels, and other establishments.'

The increasing coffee consumption worldwide has positively impacted the coffee roaster market. As more people consume coffee, the demand for coffee roasting machines and equipment also increases. This trend is particularly evident in developing countries where coffee consumption is growing rapidly. The growing demand for coffee is also driving the expansion of coffee retail chains, coffee shops, and cafes, which, in turn, boosts the demand for coffee roasting equipment.

One of the key elements fueling the expansion of the whole-bean coffee sector, which is driving the market under study, is the increasing demand for coffee in hotels, restaurants, and workplace cafeterias. As of 2021, 68% of respondents in a survey by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) said they frequently drank coffee while at work. As customers become more concerned about the quality of their coffee, there is a huge demand in European nations like Germany as a result of this trend.

North America dominated the market over the projected period. The increasing consumption of roasted coffee and its expanding popularity among consumers considerably contribute to the region's growth. For instance, according to data from the International Coffee Organization, 1.4 billion cups of coffee are drunk worldwide each day, with the United States alone accounting for 45% of that total. More than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in this amount.

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