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Cell Therapy Market size was valued at USD 3.9 Billion in 2022 and is poised to grow from USD 6.7 Billion in 2023 to USD 190.91 Billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 52% during the forecast period (2024-2031).  

The cell therapy market is characterized by intense competition, with numerous key players striving to advance their technologies and expand their market share. Major companies are at the forefront, leveraging their extensive R&D capabilities and robust pipelines to develop innovative therapies. Startups and smaller biotech firms like Adapt immune Therapeutics and Bluebird Bio are also making significant strides, often focusing on niche areas and forming strategic partnerships to enhance their offerings. Additionally, the market sees substantial activity in mergers and acquisitions, as companies seek to consolidate resources, expand their geographical reach, and accelerate product development. The competitive landscape is further shaped by collaborations between research institutions and pharmaceutical giants, aiming to harness cutting-edge technologies and bring novel cell therapies to market more rapidly. 'Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US) ', 'Merck KGaA (Germany) ', 'Danaher Corporation (US) ', 'Becton, Dickinson, and Company (US) ', 'Lonza Group (Switzerland) ', 'Sartorius AG (Germany) ', 'Nkarta, Inc. (US) ', 'Aurion Biotech (US) ', 'S. BIOMEDICS (Europe) ', 'MEDIPOST (South Korea) ', 'Anterogen Co., Ltd. (South Korea) ', 'JW Therapeutics (China) ', 'JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Japan) ', 'Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc (US) ', 'Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (US) ', 'Gilead Sciences, Inc. (US) ', 'Novartis AG (Switzerland) ', 'Intellia Therapeutics (US) ', 'Iovance Therapeutics (US) ', 'CRISPR Therapeutics (Switzerland)'

North America emerged as the largest revenue market in 2023, with a share of approximately 58%, and the joint research activities between the research institution and the large pharmaceutical firm. Many developments are being witnessed in the region through these partnerships. For instance, in June 2022, Immatics entered into a collaboration agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb for the development of Gamma Delta Allogeneic Cell Therapy Programs. Government funding also plays an important role in the growth of the market in the United States. For instance, in January 2022, Cellino Biotech said it had secured about $80 million in a Series A funding round from 8VC, Felicis Ventures, and others. The company aims to leverage these funds to increase the availability of stem cell-derived treatments and establish the first independent human cell foundry by 2025. 

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