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Automated Cell Imaging System Market was valued at USD 108.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to rise from USD 118.37 billion in 2023 to USD 230.72 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 8.70% during the forecast period (2024-2031).

The market is controlled by a few manufacturers. The product requires a huge amount of capital to be invested for setting up and also on research & development. Due to low competition the prices have been high. Major manufacturers include- General Electric Company, Olympus Corporation, PerkinElmer Inc., Sartorius AG, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. These major manufacturers having advanced proprietary products are getting an edge over the other market players. 'Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.', 'Carl Zeiss AG', 'Olympus Corporation', 'GE Healthcare', 'Leica Microsystems GmbH', 'PerkinElmer, Inc.', 'Nikon Corporation', 'Molecular Devices LLC', 'BD Biosciences', 'BioTek Instruments, Inc.', 'Sartorius AG', 'Agilent Technologies, Inc.', 'Tecan Group AG', 'Bruker Corporation', 'Merck KGaA', 'Yokogawa Electric Corporation', 'Hamilton Company', 'Danaher Corporation', 'Sysmex Corporation', 'Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.', 'In February 2024, Tecan unveiled end-to-end cellomics workflow solutions, including cell seeding and culture with quality control and monitoring, through drug dosing to live-cell imaging and analysis. This comprehensive offering enables laboratories to improve the reliability, reproducibility and throughput of their workflows, addressing key challenges in the growing field of 3D cell biology. ', 'In February 2024, in separate transactions, Bruker acquired preclinical in-vivo optical imaging systems company Spectral Instruments Imaging (SII), and Nanophoton Corporation, a provider of advanced research Raman microscopy systems.  ', 'In October 2023, Molecular Devices, LLC., a leading high-performance life science solutions provider and an operating company in the life sciences segment of Danaher Corporation, launched the™ Automated Cell Culture System—an end-to-end, machine learning-enabled solution that automates demanding feeding and passaging schedules with an integrated incubator, liquid handler, and imager, giving scientists more time and autonomy in the lab.'

Due to changes in lifestyle and radiation our body shows some deformities in genes. This creates irregular division of cell leading to Tumors. The exposure of certain chemicals to water, food, and soil also causes cancer. Development of new types of cancer also requires automated cell imaging systems to identify the dynamics and functions of telomeric repeat-containing RNA. Automated cell imaging is becoming popular and unique tool for cellular research by looking at digital microscopic images of cancerous cell.

Major pharmaceutical companies are investing on new technologies highly to find new vaccine and drugs. Automated cell imaging systems help the researchers by minimizing the human error and time needed for human intervention in experiments having long durations, large chemical libraries, or both. The system acquires and analyzes high resolution images.

North America holds the largest market share across the world. It is due to technological advancement in the healthcare industry. The USA has one of the highest and advanced diagnostic laboratories across the globe. The main driver in the region is an extensive patient base. Due to high consumption of alcohol and obesity the number of cancer patients are increasing. According to a report, the USA has projected 6,09,360 cancer deaths in 2022.

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Global Automated Cell Imaging System Market

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